Product Improvement

Objective is to get higher price for product or services. Higher price insures higher profit and financially stronger organisation.

Strategic Change Management

One who change can win in today’s changing envionment. Change can be any small or big. We focus on the impact of the change on the bottom line which is organisational profitability.

Financial Management

Biggest of the organisations can collapse due to a small error repeated daily. It is better to recheck financial transations not to improve profit but to insure profit for years.

Let’s understand aBusiness

aBusiness uses powerful analytical tools and inhouse developed methodologies to get a clear understanding of client business.

Why aBusiness

80 % of suggestions we offer are exclusive and innovative. We advise our clients on – -Possible Revenue Sources out of newer innovations -Where are Explicit and latent Opportunities -Which new markets can be explored -How technology can be improved for faster, reliable and intelligent information -Which new products are likely to be in demand -Realignment of operations to ensure reduced costs .

Scaleup Consulting

We provide consulting and planning services to scale up business to desired success. It can be achieved by means of A.Highest quality, professional and detailed business plans B.Pin pointed study of project feasibility .

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All out clients are 100 %  satisfied. We offer services in simple local language to ensure better implementation. Click on a youtube video for details.


I could get a practical tip to increase my monthly revenue out of my services which I provide by ₹ 20,000 within 1 hour of discussion.

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