About Us

Company Overview


We solve corporate problems by –


Getting in a high profit regime at the earliest by

1.Reducing operational costs by producing higher quantity using given resources
2.Increasing product price for immediate revenue enhancement
3.Winning in competition by right competitive positioning
4.Identifying upcoming threats to prepare in advance
5.Supporting business decisions by a data driven statistics to ensure accuracy


Our History


Engineering and Management

Founder director spent 6 plus years in studying to class Engineering and Management lessons. He was focused on doing things by own which helped him a truly all rounder personality.


Ground level on field expertise

Founder spent 5 years visiting corporates across industry. Collected orders worth 2 crores all by himself.


Climbing up corporate ladders

Grown in corporate world and reached new heights to be independent by 2016.

2016 onwards

Multiple business ventures

Failing faster is a best way to succeed was demonstrated by starting new business ventures and managing net profitability years after years. No doubt we closed non profitable businesses quickly resulting in minimal losses.

Updates for you

Designed and published innovative and largely appreciated 5 Step Success model !

08 Oct, 2019

First youTube video in Hindi to go viral !

18 Sep, 2019

Rebranded a Book on Black Money and relaunched

14 Aug, 2019

Launched BAG Model

15 Aug, 2019

First stage of 5 step success model detailed

10 Aug, 2019

A demo version published publicly of our world class Product Pricing tools.

03 Sep, 2019