Minority Business Forum is for all unclassified and small businesses having a turnover of below 10 crores but are aiming to become global leaders.

A Lost Victory

It started with a thought in his mind. A thought of starting own business. How could he get this thought ? What happened to his ideas. Was he living a better life while working or was it better after leaving his job. Learn from his experience as the story unfolds. Surprise at the end which gives unique success model which any business owner can use to survive and thrive in business. Or any one can use to judge a business and it’s fortune.

Black Money

Common man supports black money simply by doing a cash transaction. Population of India is huge. No businessman keeps a track of who deposited which currency note. Have a look at below picture which describes how a truck load of cash gets in to a bank everyday. A Cash Flow diagram is given in the book …

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