Digital Marketing Internship

Digital Marketing Intern

1. Intern would get hands on design experience of a plan for doing digital marketing organically. (In today’s online world experience of actually getting results is precious for any business. Digital marketing has power to drive business growth).


2. Min 20 day on the field experience which involves meeting small business owners for a survey. 3. Report preparation at the end of project which would involve a real data gathered as above


3. Looking at current situation we would be providing 100% remote working facility where in reporting would be on phone and email via worksheets.

Is there any solution ?

It is becoming tough to manage a decent living and family due to no payments for months together for few people.   New avenues needs to be created for needy people.

But it’s similar problem for entrepreneurs and it’s becoming tough to survive as money is not coming in majority of businesses.

So is there any solution ?

I hope below job can be a way out Forward  to all and any trending job searcher you get to see on timeline using social share buttons given below.


HR Internship

Human Resources Management is a huge field and it begins by recruitment. We offer hands on experience starting as a recruiter and extending up to managing incentives / retention.


Attractive incentives would be provided for onboarding new candidates .


Job would involve few other assignments which can be 50 % of the job.

HR Internship

Joining Formalities:

Telephonic Shortlisting:

1. Applicants should apply via job sites (Or via collage) on which the job is posted.

2. Telephonic conversation would happen to scrutinized candidates to shortlist

3. Insure proper phone number is updated


Documents Needed for any of the position:

1. ID and Address proof ( PAN or Aadhar – black and white photocopy scan)

2. Latest marksheet ( black and white photocopy scan)


Digital Confirmation:

1. Candidate should check email for the video call details and should be present at the agreed time

2. Confirmation would on  email after  telephonic and video calls.

3. Candidate should reply to email attaching  Acceptance in a given format which needs to be digitally signed and emailed to

No Tolerance Policy

Following behavior is not acceptable and would result in immediate termination –


1. Not showing up on a call (video) for a period of one or more weeks

2. Failing to report in a given format

3. Deviation to terms and conditions mentioned in the offer letter

Attractive Incentives

As these posts are created to create earning opportunities incentives would be pretty attractive !


But I wish you should be joining in for the learning which is involved. Money follows !